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It is not unnatural for women to now opt for freezing theirs eggs, if anything. It allows them to control and decide when they want to have children. So yes, a lot of women feel empowered that it is not nature that is ticking the clock, but their own choice to cherish giving birth whenever! So what exactly is the egg freezing in Melbourne technique that has been the talk of the town?  An endocrinologist takes out a woman’s eggs and stores and freezes them in laboratory. This lets women to preserve their eggs and fertility even when they age. Dr. Joseph Sgroi offers personalized fertility plans for women and for the partner and provides a personalized treatment plan. Prior to any commencement of the treatment, Dr. Joseph will give a pre-treatment so a detailed plan can be laid out, after all, it is not a decision one would make out of blue. So let’s say you undergo the egg freezing process, what are the benefits that you are looking at?  

  • Women are born with only a limited number of eggs, but the fertility of those eggs decreases as she starts to age. The time when women are most fertile are when they are in their 20s. As they reach in the age bracket of 30s, the pregnancy declines to 5%. When women enter her 40s, they may also experience early menopause, hence impacting the eggs and fertility. This is when egg freezing process benefits the women, if you freeze them at the right time, you can be rest assured you will have your own children even at 40 years old!  
  • Many women also tend to freeze their eggs as they prefer their careers. At times, yes you cannot have best of the both worlds when you are struggling to get what you want and vision yourself as in your career path. So maybe in 20s and 30s you want to build up your career, and you can choose to get pregnant when you feel the time is right for you.  
  • Many women find themselves under a ticking pressure against nature, as they see the biological clock literally running away. Egg freezing assures you to beat the odds and lifts the burden off your shoulder to race. Without which, it feels a rush to get into a relationship because women are running out of time. 
  • Egg freezing has given women promising results and Women who choose to freeze their eggs, also have been successfully pregnant and their eggs are just as good as fresh eggs. Reason being, eggs freezing is a process that revolves around the idea of maintain and securing the current age and health of your eggs, which lets the conception through the procedure of ivf clinic in Melbourne happen in the future!obstetricians-service

Benefits Of Eggs Freezing

Benefits Of Eggs Freezing

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