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Lap Band Surgery - Information on cost, risk and benefits


We know there are many considerations when approaching lap band surgery.  Many times the cost of the band or the impact on our lives is very confusing and frustrating.  We are happy to help you understand your options with our free evaluation to determine if you are a candidate and you will know  the cost and be prepared for the experience up front by our highly trained staff.   Our board certified surgeons also perform gastric bypass surgery and gastric sleeve surgery if that is the best option for your particular case.


Lap Band surgery is has been a proven medical procedure for people who are suffering from health problems that are caused by morbid obesity. After receiving lap band surgery, nearly 80 percent of patients with hypertension no longer need to take their medication.  Over 90 percent of people with medical problems caused by there weight such as type II non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus no longer need their medication and receiving a lab band. Obese people who suffer from asthma, joint pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, arthritis, and sleep apnea also see an improvement in their health after Lap Band procedure.


It is within your reach to improve the quality of your life by playing with your children, walking up a flight of stairs, crossing your legs, or even tying your shoes without your weight and other medical issues being the limitation that keeps you from experiencing the joy life has to offer. After lap band surgery, the most basic things like sleeping and breathing may no longer be a medical concern. You've tried everything else and now that you're ready to make a permanent change for a better life, we will be here for you every step of the way.



Lap-Band Surgery


The laparoscopic band is composed of three parts: the silicon band, connective tubing, and an access port. The band is placed around the stomach, and the tubing connects the band to the port. The port is placed entirely beneath the skinís surface and is hidden from sight.


Gastric Bypass Surgery


Gastric bypass is the most frequently performed bariatric surgery in the United States. Many surgeons prefer gastric bypass surgery because it generally has fewer complications than other weight-loss surgeries. Gastric bypass surgery can provide long-term, consistent weight loss if you exercise and eat a healthy diet.



Michael Green, MD


Dr. Michael Green is the Medical Director of the Dallas Lap Band Surgery Center. He has great experience with bariatric surgery, having performed over 1000 bariatric procedures.


Gastric Sleeve Surgery


Unlike other weight loss surgery, gastric sleeve surgery is normally reserved for those considered extremely or morbidly obese. In most cases a BMI of 50-60 is necessary to qualify. If your BMI is 50 or above, or health factors make you a non-candidate for other weight loss surgery, Gastric Sleeve Surgery may be right for you.

Gastric Sleeve surgery is also useful for people that qualify for a Lap Band Surgery but do not want to bother

with additional doctors visits for adjustments to the Lap Band.


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