The lymph or the fluid in lymphatic system is crucial to our body. It helps to remove the waste and toxins from our body. But there are some conditions that cause the buildup of lymph preventing the lymph flow and removal of waste. Lymphatic massage is a form of massage that is a gentle one. It works by making the lymphatic fluid flow normally, making the removal of toxin and waste easier. This massage can help patients suffering from fibromyalgia, lymphedema and other conditions. In this article, the benefits and importance of this massage are explained.

Benefits of massage:

The heart pumps blood and flows into the whole body through the blood vessel. In the same way, lymph flows in the body through the lymph vessel and solely depends on the smooth movement of muscle. Due to many health conditions lymph fluid cannot flow in the body properly. It builds up in a particular place of the body. Often it happens in the hands and legs and causes swelling which is called lymphedema. Lymphedema can be the result of cancer treatment because it requires the removal of lymph nodes. Due to infection sometimes the lymphatic system gets damaged. These things often result of lymphedema. Lymphatic drainage massage Gungahlin improves lymph circulation and reduces this swelling. It often forms a part of DLT or decongestive lymphatic therapy.

People who can benefit:

This therapy is a part of alternative therapies which are widely popular, like good dry needling. There are a lot of problems which can be relieved with the help of this therapy. People facing problems of migraine, arthritis, digestive problems, stress, insomnia, fatigue, skin disorders, swelling or edema, fibromyalgia and lymphedema can find relief through this therapy. In fact, it was stated that lymphatic massage is better than connective tissue massage for patients of fibromyalgia. But this kind of massage is not for everyone. Before having a lymphatic massage, it is necessary to consult your physician. People having conditions, like blood clots, heart failures, kidney problems, circulation problems or infection must avoid this massage.

Things To Know About Lymphatic Massage

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