Thousands of new students are getting ready to start school with putting on their new backpacks, fresh smelling pencil cases, clothes just bought and hopes and dreams as they head to class. Each year more than an estimated three hundred thousand students start school in Australia. As parents have you thought of a way to make their start pleasant and journey comfortable?

Experiencing the thrill of a first day

All these times the kids were at the kindergarten or a Montessori where they had more play activities and no uniforms. But today they are out in proper school uniforms and new childrens school shoes, not to mention bigger book bags with lots of writing material and a lunch box with yummy goods. Let them experience this thrill of a first day with their friends and colleagues. One thing you shouldn’t do is to stand by the kids at the new school as well. Let them make friends, walk around and have fun. For some moms it is hard to believe their kid is so grown up, but giving them space is important at this stage.

Getting ready

Do get ready with time to spare. Shops get so crowded closer to the school start time and it is not surprising if you get stuck without the right books or other stationary items due to the rush of the last moment. This doesn’t mean you have to prepare for this whole summer. But do take some time to make a list, talk to your kid, talk to your kid’s friends and have a mental image of how it is going to be on the day itself. One more thing is transportation; we tend to think, obviously both the parents must be there on this special day, however, if something urgent comes up at office that you can’t miss, do you have a plan B ready?

Buy quality stuff

School terms are shorter compared to many other life events, but it sure doesn’t feel like it! Sometimes, it seems as tough you started school just yesterday and already the next summer is here. However, when you are buying supplies for your kid, make sure they are lasting. Just because the term ended doesn’t mean they have to get new stuff each time. Brand named stationary are not a must however if others vouch for their longevity there is no issue of spending a few dollars more for it. When you go for high quality shoes, remember to buy for sturdiness and comfort such as clarks school shoes. Do not forget to look in your elder kids wardrobes before you jump at a chance to buy new stuff for them too. First day of school is always a memory worth cherishing. Make it extra special by preparing early for it.

Get Ready To Start A New Term!

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